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Studio Sixteen terms of hire

Studio Sixteen Terms of Hire

Studio Sixteen (we) will issue a booking confirmation form for all bookings/amendments.  The hirer (you) are required to give one week’s notice for any cancelled sessions to avoid being charged for your session. We reserve the right to cancel your booking with two weeks’ notice however we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible

Studio Sixteen will invoice you at the end of each calendar month.  Payment is due within 28 days of the invoice date.  Invoices for late payments will be charged at 10%. Payments can be made by cheque or balance transfer. Payment details can be found on the invoice.

We require you to have your own certifications, public liability, music licences and CRB checks – if relevant to your use.

We accept no responsibility for any damaged, lost or stolen items whilst on our property.  Any items left by your clients must be removed by yourself.  Any items remaining will be added to our general lost property where they will be kept for 28 days before being destroyed.

Studio Etiquette
No outdoor shoes are to be worn in Studio One or Studio Two. No food and only water may be taken in in Studio One or Studio Two at any time.  Any cleaning required from misuse will be added to your monthly invoice. Outdoor shoes can be worn in Studio Three.

The issuing of keys depends of the contract and terms of your hire.  However if keys are issued and then lost the fee for replacement keys is £15 for re-cutting costs and administration.  If the locks need to be changed the fee will be £90.  Please do not have keys with a location or ID tag attached to them.

We are grateful for your hire and would like to help make your classes a success therefore, we offer you the opportunity to advertise your classes on our website and any community boards inside the studios this is all free of charge.  However any flyers, business cards etc must be supplied by you.

We allow 15 minutes either side of your booking for setting up and packing away.  If you require longer please let us know so that we can allow for this when making other bookings, however if you require more time this will be chargeable.

Whilst we are responsible for the cleaning of the premises, if something gets spilt please use the facilities provided to attend to it.  If something is damaged please report it as soon as possible so that we can keep the studios to a high standard of hire.

Please complete to acknowledge the terms of hire.