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Posted by on Mar 23, 2014

First look into our new dance studio as it is now

We have eventually got the keys to our new dance studios and work is about to start.  I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to see my dream built before my eyes!

There is a lot to do but I am sure that we will be up and running in no time.

Here are some before pictures, and I am sure you’ll agree we have a long way to go for this to look dreamy…

This is our waiting room and occasional Studio Three

Dance Changing and Waiting Room Pre Build

Jobs to do…new sub floor due to water damage, new windows, doors, replace the ceiling tiles and lights, knock out the partition wall to make one big area, add a reception desk, of course a kitchen area is needed and finally reinstate the door to link upstairs and downstairs.  Then everything to make it look warm and welcoming!

Moving upstairs…Dance Entrance and Stairs to the Studios Before Building Work


We are reinstating a doorway in the wall in the top left picture, installing a downstairs toilet with baby change where the downstairs cupboard currently is, replacing the stairway to meet health and safety standards including the windows on the stairs.  At the top of the stairs we are changing this completely…I think I may leave this as a surprise!

On to Studio One… (don’t be fooled by the mirrors!)

Dance Studio One Before Building Work

There is a small room just off from the room we now call Studio One that we are going to knock the adjoining wall down to make one larger space.  The mirrors are being relocated downstairs and new mirrors and ballet barres will adorn the walls.

Up to the hall … (which of course, will not look like this in a few weeks’ time)

Upstairs Hallway to Dance Studio Two Before Building Work


Next is the upstairs toilet…soon to be toilets.  Again, there is another wall to knock through to make an entrance opposite the window then there will be two toilets…Dance Studio Toilets

And on to Studio Two… (now this is the bit that needs imagination!)Dance Studio Two Before Building Work


There are several walls to knock through to make this a open studio area rather than a collection of small therapy rooms, but I am excited to see this space transformed as there are lots of windows in this studio so it is definitely going to be light and airy.

Then finally there is my office or AKA HQ…Dance Studio Headquarters Office Before Building Work

This is mine and Barbara’s long awaited haven.  We are incorporating the tiny kitchen and toilet cubicle in to the corridor and part in to the store area of the office…We are so very giddy!

So there you have it, this is the very start!